The One With “Un Excelente Almuerzo !”

An Excellent Lunch @ Amor,  Malhar Mega Mall, Indore

Ever wished to zest at a place where you can try every second item from their menu without any complains or regrets, rather savour the taste of every dish you try, from soup to dessert without giving it a second thought. Moreover, if that place is having an absolute “Gustos” ambience along with good music and classic feels, how amazing would it be ?

Amor” in Spanish means “Love“, and that is what this place makes you fall-in with it.

Situated at 3rd Floor of Malhar Mega Mall, Amor is the new Cafe-bar which is a part of  District 11 itself. The owners have a long term experience as this place is modified from a famous local Pub called “Delhi Grill”, which was a good visit as well !

With a classy & graceful ambience, this place gives you an option of both casual and outdoor dining experience with the service & staff, skilled & proficient at every aspect.

Talking about their menu, which had some really unusual terms assigned to the dishes and also the taste was damn impressive. There was a complete fusion of multiple flavours which altogether was a blend of an incompatible taste. Few most amazing dishes starting from the soup are as follows :


  • Palak Shorba : 

    If you are a Palak Paneer fan, you are definitely going to relish this one. Shorba in Urdu means gravy/smooth curry but this one was Spinach based soup with small chunks of paneer and topped with fresh cream. Ultimately this palak shorba was yummzaa ! (8/10)

  • Minestrone Soup : 

    Primarily, a tomato based Italian soup containing assorted chopped veggies and herbs along with pasta and parmesan cheese. This one was not a creamy soup but definitely had a tangy-wangy flavour. Hence this was a “Me gusta” type of preparation. (8/10)

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Italian + Indian = Rahul Gandhi

Suggestion : In minestrone soup, the pasta could be more soft. But the Shorba was perfecto.


  • Awesome Nachos : 

    The name says it all ! This thing had layers of Beans & in-house made Tortilla Chips (Nachos) with toppings such as Sour cream, Salsa Sauce, Cheese, Jalapeños & finally some olives. This fusion of Mexican layers had a really interesting element which was noticeably unique, Guacamole spread ! Damn this mashed Guacamole stole the show that day making the serve a top-notch part of the lunch. Qué sabroso. (9/10)

  • Suggestion : Perfect serve, can’t get any better !

  • Egg Exactly :

    Talking about fusion, and here come this incredible weave if minced meat & boiled egg filled in a semi-fried potato bowls. Unbelievable, NO? It tasted even better ! This melt-in-mouth juicy minced meat and boiled egg is served with a unique pesto mayonnaise dip ! (9/10)

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Ohh..soo..goood !

Suggestion : Recommended to Hogg them when hot !

  • Pesky Potato :

    This preparation can also be called as Potato Pizza, because, boiled potato crust topped with various veggies such as tomatoes, bell-peppers, baby corns and olives and finally melted cheese. A fine starter, and hell of an innovation ! (7/10)

Suggestion : Potatoes could be a bit spicy !


  • Mutton Seekh Kebabs :

    This had all the 36 characteristics of becoming an idle seekh kebab and were also topped with lots of spicy Indian sauce with tandoori flavours which made the kebabs even more bliss-full. The kebabs were soft, juicy, flavorous & buttery, a must have for all the kebabi-creepers ! (10/10)

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NOT just another Kebab Dish !

Suggestions : Certainly one of the best Kebabs !

  • Mutton Chop :

    Such huge pieces of meat when marinated over with spicy yoghurt preparation, this  perfectly soft and juicy mutton had the superpower of making any non-vegetarian to drool over them. The flavours were a true Divine for the taste buds and the meat was ultra-soft, therefore a highly recommended  preparation. (9/10)

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Qué delicioso.

Suggestion : Spare some room for these in your stomach.


  • OMG Fries :

    Three variants of fries accompanying three variants of dips. Three variants served nicely in three different cups so that you can never have a same flavour constantly, also three different dips having barbeque, pesto and cheesy indulging your taste buds into happiness. Choose your combo carefully because every highlight of this dish will make you feel “OMG so delicious” !

Suggestion : Another perfect serve !

  • Martini Samosa :

    These mushroom stuffed samosas were served in a Martini glass, thus called Martini Samosa. Such uncommon gesture of serving snacks in cool martini glasses made this serve a stunning preparation. These mini samosas are beautifully served around lettuce and olive salad. Recommended as snack along with a beer.

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Suggestion : Try them with Barbeque dip to experience some perfectly contrasting flavours.

  • Stuffed Aloo :

    Partially fried semi sweet boiled potatoes filled with a bland stuffing, thus was a bummer, but had some really unique flavours.

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Suggestion : Can filled with a spicy stuffing to balance the taste.


  • Middle Finger :

    Another loveable starter served in a Martini glass. Minced chicken kebabs stuffed with mozzarella sticks, then fried in bread-crump coating, can be the simplest description to this fascinating preparation. These “Fish-finger” lookalike chicken-fingers are highly recommended from this place.

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Suggestion : Must have along with the pesto mayonnaise dip.

  • Chicken Kulfi Kebab :

    Soft & tender pieces of chicken coated with yummy and flavorous cream, then wrapped up in silver foil. Its a well-known preparation and thus is recommended from their menu.

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Twist-Open-Attack !

Suggestion : Hogg them before they cook down.

  • Chilli Basil Chicken :

    This spicy treat had quite less significant flavours of basil, still consist of tender pieces of well cooked chicken. The dish also had a variety of veggies such as bell-peppers and onion.

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Está buenísimo.


  • Butter Chicken :

    This butter chicken was a surprise to the taste buds as it was incredibly less spicy unlike usually found in the city. Certainly a contrasting preparation and a must try for butter-chicken praisers.

  • What Happen in Bangkok Red/Green Curry :

    None other than thai-curry with lots of veggies available in green and red gravy variants. This dish was more on a spicier side rather being a semi-sweet thai-curry. Another recommended preparation with very strong and rich flavours of coconut and lime juice !

  • Dal Makhni :

    A finely prepared dal makhni having a medium spicy savouriness. Topped with lots of fresh cream giving an exciting aroma to the taste buds, but was not upto the expectations.

Suggestions : Butter chicken is a must try here.


  • Latin-American 3 Milk Cale :

    Rich cream cake soaked in sweetness of three milk, a must try dessert from the menu.

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The Good Sweet.

Suggestions : Gulp it before anybody else does.

  • Churros :

    Last but certainly not the least, this new-comer to the city was a bit oily and over sweet. Served with whipped cream and melted chocolate. This could be improved but since its a new thing, its fair enough to try them once !

Overall, this place really had some of the most remarkable preparations in their menu which are definitely worth a try for all kind of diners.

You can also book your tables on Zomato from:

Amor Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was all for the lunch at Amor, a must visit place for some exotic and fusion full eatables in Indore. I hope you find it helpful !

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The One With “A Man-to-Gosteen Place”

An Exotic Rooftop Lunching @ Mangosteen Cafe, Indore

Ever wanted to go at a rooftop dine out with your friends just to chill, eat & mingle, that too in an organic environment? How fulfilling will it be to one’s desire of spending the best quality time with their loved ones !

Mangosteen Cafe is owned by Mr. Saurabh Shrivastava who firmly believes in “Organic Culture” thus promotes The Five Organic Senses i.e. “See, Smell, Touch, Taste &, Hear” by providing a comforting and a loving gesture to them with an attractive ambience, lively aroma, comfortable surroundings, exotic cuisine & delightful music !


The place is recently renovated at its best possible way followed by some new additions to the menu. Few play-tables such as Ludo & Chess are added along with brand new graffiti designs on the shutter outside. Also they provide a rentable co-working space for personal and conference purposes. Another USP of this place includes the fitness room made for Zumba practices and daily workout to fulfill your fitness OCDs.

This place never disappoints one in serving unique and exotic dishes as the sense of good food is seen with the staff and the owner himself. The new add-ons in their menu are as follows :

Sicilian Pizza :

The combination of sautéed mushrooms & onions, spread over the spiced up saucy crust and baked after adding lots and lots of cheese to it. This enormously cheesy preparation will definitely make you wonder how a few veggies over a wheat crust can taste so outstanding !

Roses are Red, Pizza Sauce is Too. I ordered a large, and None of it’s for You !

Suggestion : Could be a little less spicy and oily too !

Laksa Curry :

This beautiful serve will definitely make your taste buds dance with happiness as the flavours of the curry along with the steamed rice were an extreme satisfaction to one’s mouth. The soupy texture of the curry makes it an excellent to-go with the steamed rice and the strong flavours makes it an appropriate dish to try in these winters !

Suggestion : Could be served in an enclosed container so that it stays warm for long time.

Chicken Chimi Churri :

Best possible explanation to this serve could be, juicy roasted chicken seekhs  balanced over a mountain of chopped lettuce, dressed with olives, mushrooms and homemade sauce. The marinated chicken was so soft and flavorous that it does not need accomplishment. Again an excellent preparation, strongly recommended for non-vegetarians !

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Just Pick Up Your Seekh !

Suggestion : Don’t waste time in clicking pictures of this dish as it tastes best only when consumed hot and fresh.

Spanish Omelette + Toast + Salad :

You will find this under “Breakfast” section and is a recommended preparation for all the eggetarians. A huge omelette along with perfectly baked bread toasts is a healthy option for breakfast and light hunger solution. The simple salted salad had olives, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber sprinkled with black pepper.

Suggestion : The bread could be a little more crispier, can be accompanied with fresh orange juice.

Dal-Makhni Combo :

Ironically the most common dish found in any restaurant or Dhabha is the rarest to be found in the cafés. This dal makhni combo is one of them, dense creamy black-dal along with home-like parathas is a recommended preparation of this place. The combo includes plain salted onion salad may be in order to complete the main course meal.

Suggestion : Butter on the Parathas & a small serve of steamed rice would compliment the combo perfectly !

Barbaresca Pasta : 

White and Red sauce pastas are too mainstream, therefore this barbaresca pasta is a must try out of this place. One of its kind, creamy and certainly the yummiest pasta in their menu. True Italian flavours with chopped veggies and grated cheese is the reason you cannot resist looking at it !

Eat Pasta Run Fasta !

Suggestion : This was a perfect serve, Barbaresca Risotto is also highly recommended.

Chicken Mushroom Leek Potpie :

Small chicken pieces baked in cheesy white sauce topped with small round bread-like chips served along with a potato pie. Yes, a “Potato pie” !  As stated before, this is one of their newest and unique ad-on to the menu, this preparation is a definite recommendation for everyone !

Suggestion : To be consumed hot, because the potato pie soon becomes soggy.

Hummus with Pita Bread :

Heart shaped pita breads with yummy hummus sauce and creamy salad on the side, this hummus-pita combo is always liked by hummus & pita lovers. Hummus is beautifully dressed with roasted garlic along with dried mushrooms.

Suggestion : Perfect combination, no changes needed to be done.

Pancake with Maple Syrup :

Beautifully dressed and artistically presented soft pancakes and maple syrup is an idle dessert from their menu. Served along with fresh cut fruits and homemade whipped cream, this serve gives a perfect termination to your meal.

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Beauty exists !

Suggestion : Could be served warm so that the butter melts over it. Honey could be an add-on.

Waffle with Blueberry Jam :

This preparation will jam your eyes into the looks of presentation of the dessert. Perfectly crisped waffles served along with homemade Blueberry jam will make you call it “Woah-ffles” instead of waffles.

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That Cutlery though.

Waffles are just pancakes with Abs !

Suggestion : To be consumed when warm, Honey could be an add-on.

Now, here are some other recommendations of Mangosteen Cafe :

Overall the staff and service of Mangosteen Cafe is overwhelming, also the menu includes some of the signatory delicacies which are truly unmatched.

A single visit to this rooftop experience will definitely make you go crazy about this cafe.

A special thanks to Mr. Saurabh Shrivastava, the founder of Mangosteen Cafe for organising this Meet-up. 

You can also book your tables on Zomato from:

Mangosteen Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was all for the lunch at Mangosteen Cafe, a must visit place for some exotic and healthy eatables in Indore. I hope you find it helpful !

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The One With “Just Living It UP !”

The Extravaganza Weekend @ Liv Up Cafebar & Lounge

Ever had an engaging week with a lot work load and you just can’t wait for the weekend to come so you can head to a Lounge to have a bashing weekend with your friends?

Well, there is this brand new Cafebar & Lounge opened in the city which will actually live up to your expectations and make you crave some of the unbelievably good dishes they serve in their Cafebar adjacent to the Lounge.

Liv Up is situated in Orbit Mall, Indore with the most engaging ambiance for the city people to see and with a huge dance floor one can rock with their moves freely and candidly. Not only the huge dance floor, but the wall paintings beside the cozy and comfortable couches around the dance floor along with the spacious Cafebar area of the place can be their USP.

With the great ambiance, comes the great food.” is the basic funda of this place and hence they serve some of the most exotic food items in a classy way. From thin crust pizza to smokey kebabs, they have a noticeable variety in their menu which will definitely live up to your taste buds.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For now, here is a brief description of the selected serves prepared by Chef Ashwin Kotian himself.

Drinks :-


A watermelon based Mocktail with strong mint flavours tastes somewhat like mojito. Served with a small watermelon slice, this drink can refresh your taste buds. (7/10)

With two drama-sticks.

Appetizers :-


Quite a rare dish to be found in the city, these galouti kebabs are worth trying because it’s melt-in-mouth texture will definitely enlighten your “Nawabi” senses and make you have more and more of them. Traditionally these mutton tikkis have the greatest set of spices in them, therefore the one that were served here also had a spicy touch with noticeable smokey flavours. (9/10)

Made with perfection.


This dish can also be called Targaryen Prawns as their journey starts with flames and end with flames. Roasted prawns marinated with green chutney, served along with six different dips which are curd, mint, pineapple (recommended), green apple and papaya. The special thing about this serve is that they are actually flamed while serving with the help of vodka, therefore the alcohol in the vodka is marinated but its flavours are retained in the dish. (8/10)


Another serve from the Targaryen race, but this time the chicken leg-pieces are tandoori-fied. Also served with six variants of dips as stated before and again flamed with vodka. (8/10)

Ohh, What a-leg-Day !


Mushrooms, first roasted then stuffed with cheese, olives, capsicum and onions. Beautifully plated along with onion rings and coriander. A recommended vegan prep for mushroom lovers. (8/10)


Not every Cafe serves a good Khow suey, but the one which is served here is a truly recommended. Authentic method of preparation is followed, which includes sautéed veggies in coconut oil along with small chicken and mushroom pieces. The preparation also includes boiled and fried noodles (Chowpsey) and half boiled egg dipped along with spring onions and garlic. (8/10)

Processed with MOLDIV

MainCourse :-


Strongly spiced up genuine flavours of mutton biryani. Nicely served in the cooking utensil along with a thick vegetable-dipped curd. An over spicy preparation with a regular base taste. (7/10)


Desserts :-


This loveable desert by the chef had three sub-parts, Firstly the Ada Pradhaman (middle), a Kerala originated dessert made with jaggery and banana and mostly served in occasions like Onam and Pongal, Second was the Chocolate Pudding with Rum soked nuts(right), served in a martini glass with layers of crushed cookies on the bottom, tasty rum cake and vanilla scoop on the top, Third was the Lemongrass Sorbet (left), typically a sour prep added to neutralise the strong rum flavour. This desert was the Extravaganza Serve of the day.

This Sunday demands of such a careless evening with your best ones.

Overall, the all in one place to Live Up your day to the fullest.

Many thanks to the Liv Up team for organising this bloggers meet.

Here is the Official website of LivUp Entertainment Group :

You can also book your tables on Zomato from:

Livup Cafebar & Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was all for the weekend vibes @ Livup Cafebar & Lounge, Vijay Nagar. I hope you find it helpful !


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The One With “The Celebrity Lunch !”

Styled Food @ O2 Cafe De La Ville, Indore

Ever craved for those appealing and persuasive dishes we see on Food and Lifestyle Channels, but soon we realise that things do not come out of the TV ?

Well in O2 Cafe De La Villa, Indore such wishes are now going to come true as they just have gaven their menu a brand new makeover by none other than "The Style Chef", Shailendra Kekare himself !

Cafe De La Ville stands for "Cafe of the city" which is certainly true because the place is situated in the Heart of the city. It is a two storey cafe, with a fine dine-in lower and a French themed upper storey. Both the storeys had their own delightful feel !

The new menu has the most exclusive fusion of appetisers and main course. The deserts are unique too. In addition, all the dishes have an exotic tempt and savouriness as well !

Here is the slideshow of their brand new menu :

Starting with the Soup, some of the selected delicacies are as follows :

Corn Chowder Pav Wala :

Creamy and garlicky with chopped spinach, this soup was a kick start to the tasting session. Filling it up inside a round hollow bread made it an excellent serve and the smooth texture was an incredible factor of the dish. The combination of garlic, cream and cheese was quite heavy but worth a taste. Amongst the soups it is a must have. (9/10)


Dhaba Kadhai Chicken Pizza :

This one is NOT a round Pizza, but who cares, because "Pizza Is Love". Super thin crust sauced up with Indian style gravy and quite many pieces of soft and juicy chicken with lots of cheese is what made this thing so outstanding. Probably due to lot of cheese its spiciness eroded which was unexpected, still worth a try !(7/10)


Spinach Jalapeño Hummus :

Served in Exquisite manner, this preparation was a show-stopper look-wise. Jalapeño based hummus paste with chopped spinach topped with olive oil and black olives, this dish is to be eaten with baked garlic bread. Spiced up with red chilli, this dish had some extraordinary flavours. Recommended for those who wish to try something different !(8/10)

Processed with MOLDIV

Keema Pav :

It's really very hard to find good Keema Pav in the city, but now the hunt is over. Very finely chopped mutton leg pieces in a thick spicy base is what makes this dish so incredible. Garnished with a half fry, sunny side up, instead of adding eggs in between, this Keema Pav is highly recommended and a remarkable preparation !(9/10)


Pea Kulcha :

What this place serves is something different and this unique Indian prep served with a creamy touch was totally unexpected. Mashed pea stuffed in the kulcha along with various spices and then baked with a lot of butter is definitely a yummy desi serve. The kulcha was accompanied by a creamy sider and chopped salad. Must try if you wish to have something Indian.(8/10)


Sour Cherry Cheesecake :

Yummy Blueberry sauce sandwiched in baked cheesecake, garnished with cheese and chocolate. This desert is an outstanding preparation and recommended for all cheesecake lovers out there !(8/10)


Smoked Chocolate Mousse cake :

This desert is a divergent preparation as it actually had strict flavours of charcoal smoke. Chocolate based mousse having a succulent smokey flavour is definitely  a must try !

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Coconut & Litchi Crush :

Served in actual coconut with refreshing Litchi flavours in crushed ice could be the best description for this cooler. This rejuvenating drink will definitely make you have more than just one serve !

Processed with MOLDIV

Overall an excellent place in the city with great service, exotic taste and charismatic ambiance. Plus with the celebrity styled food, this place is quite inviting in the city !

Here is a slideshow of some cherished moments from the lunch :

Thanks to Mr. Vicky Soni for conducting this meet.

You can also book your tables on Zomato from:

O2 Cafe De La Ville Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was all for the lunch at O2 Cafe De La Ville, a must visit place for some exotic and fusion-full dishes in Indore. I hope you find it helpful !

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