The One With “The Indori Hunger !”

Walking into an aesthetic property, roaming around the elegant corridors with lavish, but quite spacious banquets, Ayojan Food Caterers (AFC) gives you all the reception/get-together feels you need, then suddenly you find out this desi restaurant, with bomb ambiance and a little bit of minimalism, a typical family kinda diner.

The One With “The Sunday Sun-Downer !”

Fork It Cafe & drive-in is just a place you are looking for. At the outskirts of the City, near ByPass (inside a Petrol Pump) is this amazing chick place you would love to go again and again.

The One With “The Winter Chill-Pills !”

5/78 Skybar is just a place for you to have one of the most happening Winter Weekends of this season, chilling with your best ones along with some of the remarkable Sips & Dips to dig over.

The One With “Un Excelente Almuerzo !”

An Excellent Lunch @ Amor,  Malhar Mega Mall, Indore Ever wished to zest at a place where you can try every second item from their menu without any complains or regrets, rather savour the taste of every dish you try, from soup to dessert without giving it a second thought. Moreover, if that place is having…

The One With “Just Living It UP !”

The Extravaganza Weekend @ Liv Up Cafebar & Lounge Ever had an engaging week with a lot work load and you just can’t wait for the weekend to come so you can head to a Lounge to have a bashing weekend with your friends? Well, there is this brand new Cafebar & Lounge opened in…

The One With “The Celebrity Lunch !”

Styled Food @ O2 Cafe De La Ville, Indore Ever craved for those appealing and persuasive dishes we see on Food and Lifestyle Channels, but soon we realise that things do not come out of the TV ? Well in O2 Cafe De La Villa, Indore such wishes are now going to come true as they just have…