The One With “A Luxurious Oudh !”

Lunching With The Owls @ Twilight, Hotel WoW, Indore !

Ever wondered how much just the odour of the ambiance can completely revise your overall experience of Dining/ Lunching? Apart from the catchy antiques & sound service, the fragrance can also be one of the factors to make your experience admirable !

So at the most cutting edge property in the city called “WOW” (World Of Winways) which have the most apt name as the welcome itself will give you a “WOW” feeling & the Jaw-Dropping entrance to the hotel will leave you dumbstruck !

The very first floor of the hotel is mostly occupied by Twilight-The Restro-bar, a fine dine serving Continental, North Indian, Chinese, Lebanese etc. under one roof with a luxurious aroma of oodh – an exotic scent which will definitely catch your attention, after all it is also known as Liquid Gold.

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Not just its unique fragrance is what makes this place extraordinary, the much uncommon concept of miniature vibrance of “Owls” all around the tables which symbolise the “Night Life” at the time of “Twilight” in the city !

Finally coming to food, the most precise description could be that they serve the regular dishes with a twist & a WOW factor in them, the following listings will help you   correlate :

Spiced Lychee :

Smooth Mocktail shots of Grenadine infused with Lychee with a twist of Tabasco Spiciness, which grant you to drink it as a shot and henceforth served in a tequila glass with loads of smoke around !

Talli Samosa :

Another apt name for a preparation like this, in which a regular samosa is infused with Rum, or say a high dose of Rum as compared to the size of the samosa which surprisingly  was a top notch combination, thus kudos for the innovation.

Fattoush Salad :

A sassy preparation of the regular Fattoush with a twist of serving in a crispy bowl which went well with the cheesiness of the salad. Presentation plus taste is what makes a salad from just “Edible” to “Likeable”.

Paneer Tikka Platter :

A complete meal including three unbeatable kinds of vegetarian tikkas, i.e. the regular paneer tikka, Paneer Hariyali Tikka & the best of all Paneer Malai Tikka. Vegans will find this particular platter a super tasty “Chakhna” along with the drinks.

Mushroom Galauti :

Anything which melts in your mouth is called “Galauti”, and these Mushroom Galauti Kebabs literally loose theirselves into your mouth, they outlast your taste buds completely with the softness & they taste so good that for some point you get confused  weather you are having real Mutton Galouti or these Mushroom ones.

Mutton Galauti :

Slightly less smoother, but equally softer, also the melt in mouth factor was still there in these beautifully curated Kebabs placed on the mini roti whose crispness goes very well with the softness of the Kebabs.

Crispy Lotus Stem :

Honey Chilly based crispy Lotus Stem dish, chopped lotus stems fried then tossed in a semi sweet & chilly sauce giving a perfect balance in sweet & chilly flavours, topped with distinctive sesame seeds which empowered the taste well. Another recommended preparation for vegans.


Chicken Lollypop :

If you love having chicken lollypop with your drinks, then this dish is one you cannot ignore. Tender pieces of chicken lollypop, perfectly cooked and marinated well in a spicy gravy having garlicky characteristics to make you fall for the Lollys even more,

Mini Falafel & Pita with Hummus :

Tender falafel balls alongside yummy hummus & pita breads comprising altogether as a mini meal, if you are a Lebanese food fan then you certainly cannot miss this baby platter enough for one !

Another Recommendations under Italian, Chinese & North Indian cuisines are as follows in a slide show :

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Overall, Twilight- Hotel WOW is all about Weekend chills & Night Life fun with friends and your best ones, in terms of food, they have some of the exceptional items in their menu with regular names, but the WOW factor is surely found in each & every dish they serve !

You can also book your tables for  Twilight- Hotel WOW on Zomato from:

Twilight - Hotel WOW Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was all for Lunch at Twilight – Hotel WOW & hope now you know your next Restro-Bar for Midnight Parties with your best ones.

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The One With “A Mighty Monk !”

An Aesthetic Dinner @ Little Monk, Nirvana Resorts, Indore

Ever wondered how a place could be so perfect for friends & family outings having almost all sorts of facilities and up-kind services to make your weekend a remarkable one. The following story explains how :

Once upon a time there was a “Little Monk” who had a compelling knowledge on almost all sorts of cuisines and especially the desserts. Its not very conventional to find a Monk who is not Old, and thus this Little Monk has left all the mainstream delicacies behind and serves you the most unique and aesthetic dishes of all time with some really extraordinary flavours to taste from.

Little Monk 1
The Mighty Little Monk !

So this Little Monk opened a multi-cuisine fine diner called “Little Monk” at Nirvana Resorts, MR 10 Road, Indore, which has a catchy Indore & outdoor ambiance along with private gazebos to chill with your best group. Little Monk serves every dish with excellence but here are some of the strongest recommendations coming from his mystical pure-vegetarian kitchen !

White Lady :~

A chiller which gives you no chill imagining weather this drink is more refreshing or tasty. Basically it is a combination of both pulpy Coconut water and pulpy Lychee juice, if you love both of these individually then this White Lady and you are just made for each other !

Little Monk 2
Coconut Che !

Suggestions : To be served and consumed in sparkling-cool stage.

Thirst Aid :~

Another chiller to lower your thirst for a good drink. This watermelon and kiwi smoothie actually tastes wonderful and is served very chilled. It also has a tangy twist to refresh you from inside out !


Suggestions : Don’t miss this one at your upcoming visit to this place.

Waldorf Salad :~

A fruit-cream kinda salad aesthetically garnished with groundnuts, pomegranate & apple. Basically all sorts of fruits covered with fresh cream and surrounded by un-pealed orange slices. Must try for a super healthy zest.

Cool & Colourful.

Suggestions : Perfect serve, can’t get any better !

Doodhiya Kebabs :~

A Milky Way to your vegetarian kebab need, one could never imagine these vegetarian variation of Galouti Kebabs would be so satisfying to their taste buds. The moment its crispness starts melting in your mouth, the only thing that comes into your mind is to seek for the another one. So hurry before everybody dibs on every kebab left on the table !

Dibs on the dips.

Suggestions : Perfect serve, can’t get any better !

Classic Cheese Calzone :~

Just imagine a double decker-train taking all the classy passengers to a destination. Now, replace the train with pizza slices, the classy passengers with all the exotic veggies whose destination is your stomach. The cheesy-veggie filling makes this “Pizza” one of its kind and worth a try at least once on your next visit there !

Suggestion : Classic serve, hog oner it before it could down.

Birbal Ki Khichdi :~

Master Birbal taught a lot of things, but this one has now gone too far, Khichdi served in its conventional way i.e. hung over a slow flame. Outstandingly rich flavours of this wonderful preparation and equally unique presentation makes it a must try from the menu.

Uttery, Buttery & Delicious !

Paneer Baadshahi :~

The name of this main-course dish goes perfectly with the taste. Minced paneer stuffed between paneer slices in a jolly-good gravy is what you need to go and try right now. Garnished with dry-fruits with a cherry on the top. Needless to say the richness of these flavours will bring a mouth-watering tsunami to your taste buds, and make you crave for it more & more no matter how much full your tummy is !

Suggestion : Do try this with cheese garlic naan.

Little Monk Mandarin Cake Ice-cream :~

One of the specialities of this place, this unique cake ice-cream has a mouthful of balanced sweetness. Tiny chunks of cake with tuty-fruity flavoured ice-cream is what makes a dessert remarkable in its own way !

Don’t go with the looks !

Exotic Fruit Compote :~

How about you get a watermelon shell filled with not just watermelon, but all kinds of rare & yummy fruits, cake cubes & ice-cream. Also it tastes as good as it is uniquely presented !

Welcome to Hawaii people !

Here you go with some other recommendations from Little Monk :~

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Overall, Little Monk is a fun-to-go place with most of the aesthetic preparations of all time, and also a recommended weekend destination.

Special thanks to Little Monk team for organising this Meet-up.

You can also book your tables for Little Monk on Zomato from:

Little Monk Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was all for a memorable dinner at Little Monk. Hope you find it helpful !

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The One With “A Getaway Pop !”

A Recharged Weekend @Effe Cafe, Papaya Tree Hotel, Rau

Ever wished to go on a semi-long drive with your gang, slightly away from the city hush & rush looking for the most appropriate place, what it could be ? A restaurant or a cafe-bar ? Its definitely a Cafe-bar !


So at the premises of Papaya Tree Hotel, there is this cool brand new Cafe-bar with an extraordinary, colourful & #litt ambiance with inside as well as outside serving area. The service here is exceptional with cool & friendly staff.

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Talking about the food here, which you certainly cannot get bored of trying as they have some of the fusion-full and scrumptious preparation at some real good prices. Here are some of the Zesty recommendations of the place :

Fiesta Bowl :

A healthy and tasteful meal consisting of sprouts, lettuce, red cabbage, onion, tomatoes, bell-peppers etc. with olive oil topped over it. Bluntly presented but surely liked by health freaks !

IMG_8764 copy

Cranberry Cooler :

A basic cranberry soda but very refreshing. It had an alien “Masaledaar” twist which made this drink truly unique and a bracing beverage to have at this cafe !


 Nachos Salsa :

None other than regular Doritos nachos, but the salsa and the cream cheese topping are two secrets that made this serve a recommended one. The best part about these nachos is that they are served at your table at a quite affordable price !

IMG_8758 copy

Baby Paneer Burger :

Aesthetically presented this baby is small but mighty on your plate. Sliced paneer tikka, flavourfully marinated inside the buns along with cheese slice, tomatoes & cucumber. This beauty is served with two smilies, yummy salad and tomato ketchup !

Pasta in Pink Sauce :

Not just a regular pasta, as this preparation had the tangy and spiciness retained on your taste buds as you won’t forget to savour it to the core. Served with a crispy garlic bread this pasta won’t fail to make you lips-smack.

IMG_8780 copy

Hummus Pita :

Not JUST hummus & pita, as this preparation had two other scrumptious dips which cannot be ignored. Pesto and garlicky dips along with the hummus one were the hits of the whole platter. The falafel wrapped-up in pita bread was so soft and went just perfectly with the yummy dips. A must have from their menu.

IMG_8763 copy

Farmhouse Pizza :

Extremely buttery with a crispy crust is what made this pizza another recommended preparation. Toppings included all the veggie, but exotic ones along with lots of cheese !

Paneer Kathi Roll :

What makes any Kathi Roll a good one is its mouthful fillings, and this paneer Kathi roll was very good, as not just the filling was outstanding, but the wrap was very soft too. Served with a yummy mint chutney and onions, this preparation is highly recommended !


Mexican Wrap :

A thick and healthy wrap consisting of beans, corns, paneer etc. The best thing was the sides, cream cheese & salsa dip, which were truly amazing !


Baked Zucchini Cups :

Medium sized cups made of zucchini filled with cheese and olives with a herby flavour. There are three such cups in one serve. Extremely tasty and a unique preparation, must try !

IMG_8789 copy

 Affogato :

There are two things in an Affogato, Coffee and Ice-cream. If you love coffee and if you love ice-cream, you are definitely gonna love this !


Waffles :

Kinda stretchy they were, but nicely presented along with the maple syrup and whipped cream. Overall serve could be improved in terms of taste, but the toppings suited very well !

IMG_8781 copy

Pancakes :

Last but certainly not the least, comes the pancakes. Very soft, these small cute pancakes were served with 3 different syrups – Maple, chocolate & mango. Also these syrups were layered between them. Absolutely loveable dessert and hence another must try here !

Overall this place is an absolutely must go on weekends if you don’t want to go very high on your pocket. A pure-veg eatery serving alcohol at some real good prices too. The pop-eat- culture perfectly suits on this place and thus they came up with something new and truly amazing !

Now, here is a slideshow of some other delicacies of this cafe :

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A special thanks to Mr. Sumit Sancheti for organising this meet-up with bloggers.

You can also book your tables for Effe Cafe on Zomato from:

Effe Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was all for the Opening of Effe Cafe a must visit place for some exotic and fusion full eatables in Indore. I hope you find it helpful !

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The One With “Aamchi Mumbai !”

My Incomplete Visit to Bombay.

It’s not so much what you learn about Mumbai, it’s about what you learn about yourself, really. It’s a funny old hippie thing, but it’s true as well. You find a lot about yourself and your tolerence, and about your inclusiveness.

~Danny Boyle

Mumbai- A city that never rests!

Rainy Cabby!

Ever had an unplanned trip to a city about which you have heard allot but never got a chance to visit?

Well, I got a chance to visit Mumbai and here is the story of my stay in the city which never ceases to amaze people, and I hope these iconic food stories amaze you too!

Day-1 :

Mumbai welcomed me with soft drizzling which was quite unexpected (only for me localities are used to it !) and thus I headed to the place where I was going to stay for the rest of my trip.

Finally the drizzling stopped in the afternoon and without wasting any time I went straight to my first spot,

Bandstand Promenade, Bandra :

Around 1km long path perfect for walking/running on the seaside gives you an extraordinary feeling which drags you into being in love with the sea!

To The Rocks & Beyond!

Those “High Tides” will definitely attract the wanderer inside you and force you to go and feel the splash of saline water on your face, but those rocks are the riskiest place to be at that moment.

When you visit Bandra, how could you miss the Bandra Fort?

Castella de Aguada (Bandra Fort) :

Located in “Land’s End in Bandra” gives you this unforgettable view of “Bandra-Worli Sea Link” to which you can peacefully stare for hours. The NY style Skyline beside the bridge is so beautiful, one can imagine just in dreams!

India?!? YES !!

Have a Coke and memorize this view because the first sight is going to be the everlasting impression of this place!

Mumbai is like Manhattan. There’s a certain peace, a social life and the thrill of a professional life.

~Madhuri Dixit

Now let’s skip it to the “Delicious” Mumbai :

A man has to eat and the scenes from Bandstand & Bandra Fort couldn’t kill my hunger anyway, so I went to Carter Road area to have some yummy street food at Carters Blue & Dr. Bubbles,

Carter’s Blue :

Fine ambiance + good food = Happy Eats!
I had the Chicken Shawarma which is a must try for this outlet, well-baked shawarma bread filled with perfectly cooked chicken along with yummy mayonnaise and sour beetroot.

Shwarmaaé Magic

Also, the Crispy Corns, a spicy preparation, had not only fried sweet corns but also spring onions, tomato & garlic too!

Feel the Crisp!

Overall a good place for having some exotic dishes at a fine ambiance!

Dr. Bubbles :

Follows the brand new concept of serving iced tea with bubbles. Service is pretty quick and the takeaway packaging is quite impressive!
I had their basic jelly tea, which was less sweet than expected and thus had a fine taste!

The Tea Specialist!

For my further cravings, I head to the nearest Burger King outlet which was at Bandra West,

Burger King :

Needed not much description, the infamous Burger King always know my order will include a Chicken Whopper as usual, along with a Coke Float and the brand new Potato Rings!

It takes two hands to handle a Whopper!

The burger was no doubt amazing and the potato rings were good too, the honey chilly dip in that small cup made my day!

Then for the dinner, I went to Mao- The Famly Restaurant :

A fine-dine restaurant serving Chinese & North Indian Cuisine near Azad Nagar metro station, real quick service and the food is lovable. Recommendations include Dal Fry, Mushroom Masala, Sev Bhaji & Kadhai Chicken!

Dinner Dong!

Further, I decided to to go to Marine Drive and the mode of transport I choose to go there was the infamous Mumbai Local. And my experience was Extraordinary because I got a chance to go by the last local which was at 1 AM!


Lets Local!


“Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai, Dadar Ke Aage Seat Hai !”

Marine Drive :

The thing about this place is that it makes the outsiders Speechless, and thus I don’t have much to say. At midnight this place lights up the peace inside you, no matter what state of mind you are in.


Not Scared To Be Lonely!


The sea, the breeze, the tides and that pure milk Tea! 

At that moment you think “What else you need in your life ?!” One can spend the whole night at the Boulevard without any regrets for the sleepless night.

…In a city where anything and everything can change,…

…the sea remains constant.

Bandra-Worli Sea Link :

Another good thing to visit Marine Drive is you get to ride on the Bandra Worli Sea Link. A cable-stayed bridge, that links Bandra to Worli.




A ride on Bandra Worli Sea Link is all it takes to get away from mental stress or any sad spell! Period.

~Omkar Deshmukh

Day-2 :

Sunday always brings the best of Mumbai, and thus on this day, I went to several places which are known to serve the best delicacies of their kind.

Tea Villa Cafe :

A chain of multi cuisine Cafés serving Continental, Italian, Asian Cuisines at its best.

Wait. Go. Stop.

Pretty Place with delicious food is what anyone would wish for weekend outings.
Attractive ambiance fine service brings you a memorable experience at this well-known cafe!

Teabags Shebags!

Recommendations are Mac N Cheese Pizza, which was indeed very cheesy and thin crust made it easy to gulp the mac n cheese topping.

Crazyyy Cheesyyy!

The Lasagne was served along with the garlic bread, as usual, had spinach and other veggies baked with lasagne sheets in a tomato based sauce and topped with cheese slice!



The chilly paneer is a must try for this place, which had the goodness of broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, and bell-peppers tossed in a yummy Thai gravy along with fresh paneer (cottage cheese) cubes!


Chilli! NOT Spicy.

You can never miss the Freakshakes at Di Bella on your first Mumbai visit.

Di Bella :

One of the most popular chains of Mumbai- Coffee By Di Bella serves you these yummy Nutella Waffles and lip-smacking Freak shakes.

The Nutella Waffle- Freshly baked waffle topped with lots and lots of Nutella served with a scoop of Vanilla Icecream (Chocolate scoop is optional) and the delicious Whipped Cream. Melted Nutella tastes like heaven over yummy warm waffle along with the ice cream & whipped cream are bliss to your taste buds!


My Belly Wants Di Bella!

Melbourne Freakshake- Chocolate thick shake with rich cream and dark chocolate topped with whipped cream, oreo, chocolate sticks, Nutella waffle and the best of all, crunchy chocolate pearls!



You can either challenge yourself to have it all or find the best part to start indulging this freak shake, you are going to be amazed in every sip/bite of this freak shake!

Cannot get over it!

Rude Lounge :

Another chain of casual dining lounge with loud music and Bollywood nights on Sundays. Serves north Indian, Italian, Chinese & Continental cuisines along with which you can enjoy open dining and have a fun night life experience. The music is so good and loud that you can show some moves around/on your spot and also they serve a variety of Cocktails etc.

I ordered Red Sauce Arabiata Pasta, which was pretty good to taste buds served with yummy garlic bread and topped with parsley, a must try preparation!


Pastaaaa Finally!


Second came the Crispy Chilli Garlic Potato made with crispy fried potato fingers, green chilli, spring onion & chopped garlic. Lipsmacking!


That Rose Though!


For drinks, I had Kiwi Iced Tea which was prepared with natural tea leaves and had a yummy sweet kiwi flavor. A multi-toned drink with refreshing flavors!

The Shady Drink!

Day-3 :

The last day was again a restless one. So less time, So many places to go!

Nandu Dosa, Juhu :

A remarkable place for South Indian lovers, they have a variety of Dosas and Idli preparations.

I had the Open Pizza Dosa prepared by cooking separately the corns, bell peppers, paneer and other toppings and then topping them over saucy plain dosa base. Finally grating a lot of cheese over it. Served with White and Red chutney.

Italian Dosa!

Other recommendations are Chopsey Dosa (Noodle Dosa) & Dilkhush Dosa!

Taco Bell :

My love for Mexican cuisine brought me to this place finally and my experience was a memorable one at the Taco Bell in Inorbit Mall.

I ordered the five taco meal in which there were two Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Tacos and other three were Sweet Corn, Kidney Beans & Chickpeas. The meal is for two thus includes two small Pepsi of your choice.


This meal is a recommended order for all Mexican food lovers like me!

The-J, Carter Road :

Since one visit was not enough for such a foodie street, I went again and this time I had these Cheese Chilli Fries from The-J. Such new concept for serving cheesy fries in a paper cone is fun to eat and also good for on-the-go rushes.

J for Jolly-good!

Tibb’s Frankie :

A common chain of Frankie makers which serves vegetarian and non-vegetarian Frankie rolls. I had the Bhuna Chicken Frankie which has several juicy chicken pieces and yummy tangy gravy wrapped in a Nan. A must try preparation from any outlet!

Want some?

Wow Popcorns :

Because salted Popcorns are too mainstream, the Wow Popcorns (Wow=WorldWonderfulfull) brings you the yummiest variants of popcorn flavors such as Mexican, Chocolate, Caramel, Cheese, Pudhina etc.

Welcome to the WOW!

Chocolate & Mexican flavors are the best and highly recommended ones.

Belgian Waffle :

Finally dessert time!

Belgian waffle outlets are known for fresh and yummy hot waffles in 14 different tastes. I had the Naked Nutella Waffle along with Chocolate Ice-cream which is again a must try combo for this place. Nutella & Chocolate Ice-cream sandwiched between two-quarter waffles and served in a paper cone as shown,

There is no place in the world quite like Mumbai.

It’s big, it’s loud, its beautiful, its Delicious

and the most of all, it’s Iconic.

Here are some other pictures of my trip on my phone gallery to share,

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So this was all for my Mumbai Visit, which is incomplete because there were so many more places on my Zomato Bookmark, anyways SEE YOU SOON MUMBAI!

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The One With “The Exotic Fusion !”

Lets Turn Back Time to The Good Old Days @  Effotel By SAYAJI !

Ever wished to spend a casual evening with your friends at a place where you need not to come prepared for being formal and in addition, you can have food and drinks from one of the most reputed hotels of the city?

Well The Good Old Days, Effotel is the place, meant to serve you with the most Exotic beverages and dishes in a Vintage but an attractive ambiance. The Good Old Days Pub is at first floor in Effotel Hotel and has this catchy BAR place as shown-

Neon Though !

Sayaji always brings you the best out of what they serve, and here is a list of some of their selected most exotic delicacies which are a fusion of Arabic, Vietnamese & Mexican flavours.

Dishes :

  • Filo Wrap
  • Charmoula Crusted Cottage Cheese
  • Mexican Quesadilla
  • Rubiyan Mashawai
  • Souvlaki
  • Crumbled Fish

Beverages :

  • Martini
  • Mud Slice
  • Strawberry Mojito
  • Gimlet
  • Shirley Temple
  • Virgin Colada

Here is a review and rating on most of the dished & beverages.

Filo Wrap :

Wonton sheets containing cheese & bell-peppers inside, beautifully served with Mayonnaise based saffron sauce. Quite common taste, crispy from outside but worth a try. (7/10)

Fill up with Filos !

Charmoula Crusted Cottage Cheese :

This dish has Spinach and Mushroom sandwiched between Cottage Cheese Steak along with Rice & Sautéed Veggies. Served with Barbeque Tomato puree based sauce with a lovely mango punch, just loved it at glance and definitely a must try ! (8/10)

Droooling !

Crumbled Fish :

Crispy outside Lovely inside, the dish was made from exclusive Basa Fish marinated in garlic and parsley then deep fried, served with Tarter based Garlic Aioli containing olives. (9/10)

Rolling in the Deep-Fried Fish !

Quesadilla :

Mexican tortilla containing a mashup of red kidney beans, bell peppers and corns in a cheesy base. Served with a spicy Salsa sauce making a perfect match of spicy and cheesy food. (7/10)

Lets Spice it UP !

Rubiyan Mashawai :

Made just for the Prawn lovers, Arabian flavours in Prawns with finely prepared Risotto rice in tomato sauce, served along with the amazing Saffron Sauce which had butter and garlic base with sprinkled saffron on it. A recommended preparation. (9/10)


Souvlaki :

Chicken marinated in Arabian spices and then grilled, nicely served in a seek along with slices of tomato, capsicum & onion, also had the yummy salad placed with thin triangles of pita bread. The chicken was perfectly cooked topped with whipped egg whites and cream sauce, then baked. (8/10)

Seek Peek.

Virgin Colada :

Pineapple based drink with a differentiable Coconut touch, containing a lot of coconut cream and pineapple juice for a fruity touch, garnished with a pineapple slice. The best option for non-alcoholics ! (8/10)

The Mysterious Pineapple Drink

Overall an amazing place to have a fusion of variants of Exotic Food and Cocktails.

Here is a slideshow of some Cocktails other than virgin colada :

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And, here is the slideshow of some other images of this Exotic evening I had members of Indore Bloggers Association :

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A special thanks to Nida Ma’am for organising this Bloggers meet !

You can also book your tables on Zomato from:

Good Old Days - Hotel Effotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was my review on The Good Old Days, Effotel by Sayaji. I hope you find it helpful !

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The One With “The Desi Brunch !”

Brewing Pleasure at Mitti, INDORE !


Ever wanted to spend some Good-Carefree time with your best ones? Or need some casual place to reduce your work-load? Or want to conduct a conference/meeting at a really happening place ?

Mitti Cafe is the spot you are looking for !

मitti CAFÉ(22.724905,75.890364)

Located at Old Palasia, Mitti follows a concept of encouraging “Desi Food” in the Country and thus has a menu strictly based on Vegetarian Indian Cuisine with “Halka”, “Bhaari”, “Angrezi Mitti” etc. like categories as follows :

Their USP is that they use only Biodegradable Cutlery i.e Serving Plates made of Wood-class Eco-friendly & Compostable Disposable. Also they serve hot beverages (tea, coffee) in “Kulladh” (Terracotta Cups). Therefore, the name “मitti” suits well.

The ambiance is catchy, appraising  and very attractive. There are engaging frames on the walls with deep logics to drive you into some serious thinking. You can also easily do your projects and assignments in peace as there is a special “Working Portion” at the right side in the Cafe with easily accessible Charging Sockets for your laptops and they also provide Projector and screen which is really beneficial for professional meetings.

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Talking about food, they only use Organic Ingredients, avoiding the use of syrups and squashes in the drinks. The Cafe opens at 8 a.m onwards (till midnight) and Happy Hours = 8a.m – 11 a.m , so if you are a morning person, their Breakfast delicacies are highly recommended for you !


A variety of starters having some basic preparations in an extremely unique way !

Some Light Food !

Sprouts :

The sprouts were NOT just Sprouts, they were Tomato-Cucumber Salad along with Boiled Chickpea garnished with Coriander and Lemon. A good ratio of green and brown Moong Sprouts, healthy and yummy breakfast highly recommended for gym freaks !

Some Goooood Healthy Food !

Vada Pav :

Finally there is a place in the city serving such tasty and authentic Vada Pavs. They serve them with yummy green chutney and fried green chilli. There is also a red coloured powder which consist of roasted garlic, roasted coconut and sesame seeds along with red chilli powder. Vada Pav without this particular “Masala” never tasted this good !

Respected “Vada” Pav !


Coming to some tummy-full Delights, Pav-Bhaji & Chole-Kulche are always “Bhaari” over any other Starters !

Kulhad Pav-Bhaji :

Though Pav Bhaji is not a prominent Breakfast dish, but for heavy starters it goes with the Morning brews. The biodegradable approach lead in serving the “Bhaji” in kulhad (Terracotta) along with butter-fried “Pav”. The bhaji had such a thick texture and had all the balanced flavours such that #kuchgharjaisa goes perfect on the preparation !


Maska Maar Ke !

Chole Kulche :

Another preparation with “Kuch Ghar Jaisa” tag, Chole were also served in “Kulhad” with semi gravy Chatpata kind of taste, nothing different and the “Kulche” were also butter fried but really soft to eat. Overall a well prepared dish with all balanced spices and ingredients. Must try, if you love “Chhole Kulche” !

Keep it Desi !

BUN MASKA (Desi Burgers):-

Butter-fried bun stands for “Bun Maska”, but here they have modified them into unique Paneer Patty or Aloo Patty Burger which is really an interesting way for serving Burgers !

Tikki Maska :

A L-size Burger with deep fried Aloo Patty between Creamy sauces and a few lettuce leaves. There is Sautéed capsicum & a cheese slice also accompanying the cream, but the bun is very thick, otherwise it is a highly recommended preparation !


The Semi-Maharaja Burger !


How can we miss the Parathas when we are talking about Indian Breakfast, be it aloo, methi, cheese or even Indori sev, stuffed parathas never disappoint one in any way !

Sev Paratha :

Finally a preparation which can be given a tag of #eknumber. Indori Sev Paratha is a very common  breakfast in the city, no wonder mitti has them in its menu. It tasted extremely good with “Tadke wala Dahi” which had Black Mustard Seeds. Also served with mixed pickle, another wonderful combination !

Want Some ?


Now lets have some “NRI” type food with a Desi touch- Pastas, Nachos, Toast etc. might be foreign cultured dishes but Mitti modified them into their own “Desi” kind, as follows.

Mac n Cheese :

मitti goes International with Mac-n-Cheese, a baked preparation in yummy cheesy base melted from inside & baked from outside. With a perfect Italian taste some-what like Alfredo sauce but more cheese, is a highly recommended one since it had an Indian touch too !

Baked Love ❤️!

Pasta-White :

A typical white sauce pasta but more salty, this might be due to addition of cheese over it but the taste was still fine. It was a semi-gravy pasta with a thicker texture that it normally have.

Empowering Taste-buds !

Nachos- Cheese Marke :

Another “Anglo-Angrezi” concept of mitti of serving Nachos with Homemade Cheesy Sauce and Organic Salsa. A slightly different taste but worth a try for Natcho Lovers !

FullSizeRender 5
Lets Nacho !

Now, lets talk about some DRINKS served with मitti logo Bottles !


Lemon & Fruity Drinks come under this category, with some lather on top, these sweet and semi-sweet drinks are as follows.

Pineapple Drink – featuring Basil :

An over sweet preparation tastes just like sugarcane juice with slight pineapple touch along with overwhelming Basil flavour. A good thing to have if you need something refreshing in hot summers !

Go Green.

Spinach Drink – featuring Celery :

An extremely unique preparation with a prominent Spinach flavour but was surprisingly sweet in taste. This combination of Celery with Spinach is a must try.

Remembering Popoye the sailor !


A very good range of fruit shakes made with use of frozen fruits blended in milk and ice-creams. They also have Cold coffee and Almond Cashew Shake apart from the fruit preparations !

Drooling No?

Strawberry Shake :

A semi-thick shake, purely milk based made with blended Strawberries. It was not very sweet, still wasn’t a disappointment !

Desi Strawbery !

Almond Cashew Shake :

Again not so thick shake, but had a really good nutty flavour such that the richness of almonds and cashews could be tasted in every sip. Highly recommended for gym freaks due to its nutrition quotient !

Mighty whitey !

Desi Chocolate Shake :

The showstopper amongst all the shakes was made from two types of chocolate ice cream and was actually thick. The “Desi” tag perfectly suited the shake because it had a nice Indian chocolatey touch.

Dreamy !!

CHA – Kadak :-

After shakes, lets try some kulhad-ful magic. Serving tea in Kulhad is a common trend these days, but मitti serves a not so common taste in not so common Kulhads !

Masala Chai :

A purely milk made tea in which the sweetness was well maintained and also the taste of ginger and other tea essentials could be experienced very well. A must try for everyone who have tea in daily basis.

TEA-rrific !


The cakes they make are really good. Eggless and made of whole wheat, what else you want ?


Chocolate Mill Pie :

This choco-rich preparation was too good, textured more like brownie and garnished with grated almonds and nuts, very chocolatey. This is a recommended one !

Mouth-Watering !


The items under category varies time to time and can be found on the board at the billing counter !

On Board !

Chai Pie :

A special pie, not so sweet preparation, had a light flavour of tea. Garnished with almonds and pistachios along with chocolate !

Tea love.

Kulhad Rabdi :

When talking about typical Indian Cuisine, how can one forget Rabdi. Since everybody loves it, मitti added this to their menu under specials section. This lip smacking dessert is all you need to finish your meal with a good mood.

FullSizeRender 3
Ohh, It was awesome !

As it was one of the Ramadan days they also served this extra special preparation !

Seviyan Kheer :

A purely milk based dessert made with vermicelli, garnished with almonds and pistachios. It was very delicious and a recommended one all sweet tooth out there !

Eid Mubarak !

Overall it is an excellent place to spend an unforgettable time with friends and family. Must visit at least once if you love to have “desi” food for a change !

A special thanks to Miss. Priyanka Dharamsi for organising and hosting this Bloggers meet.

Here is a Slideshow of rest of the pictures of this awesome Breakfast experience :

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You can also book your tables on Zomato from:

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So this was my review on मitti cafe. I hope you find it helpful !

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The One With “The Best NY Style Pizzeria”

The ALL NEW Pizzas at The GroundBaking Co., INDORE !

Ever wondered what is the shape of LOVE ?? Its Round and so is the PIZZA !

INDORE has this exclusive Pizza Place which is known for making the Largest Pizzas with homemade Base and Sauces. They serve 12″, 16″ & 20″ Pizzas like which are no where to be found in the city till Date !

The Logo !😍
Since the Love for pizza is singular, The Owner of  The Ground Baking Co. , Mr. Prasun Jain, decided to add some more options for the Pizza Lovers to their menu. The new Pizzas are totally unbeatable in taste and the unique toppings make them worth a try !

I always follow my gut, as it tells me how to be successful and also when to order a PIZZA !

Square Box, Round pizza and Triangle Slice may confuse you, but this list of brand new NY style pizzas from The Ground Baking Co.  will go right through your taste buds, so kindly choose your toppings carefully !

Processed with MOLDIV
Mouthwatering ! ❤️

The Five Cheese Pizza :

What makes something unique is Diversity and this very Pizza is total love worthy. The heaps of various cheeses topped on this pizza gave it an out-of-the-world flavour. Looked just like a basic Margherita pizza, but this one tasted totally amazing on the homemade thin crust. The Cheese flavoured so strong and the tomato sauce & basil were accompanying it so well that I could have had the whole pizza by myself ! (9/10)

Processed with MOLDIV
The Yummy Pac-man !
Apart from Mozzarella, there was Gouda, Emmental, Parmesan & Cheddar Cheeses, giving the pizza a smooth as well as a stretchy texture. The crust was soft from the middle and crispy from the sides due to which I loved this one the most !

Greek Pizza :

Now, here is a pizza with some serious toppings, mainly Black olives, Spinach, Feta, Artichokes and Walnuts. YES, “Walnuts” over a pizza ! The combination might not feel right but tasted absolutely Perfect ! The spinach was partially boiled and the olives were simply sprinkled over the Mozzarella. Feta made no such difference in the taste but separately it was very salty.

Processed with MOLDIV
All Of Me Loves All Of You !❤️
Golden & Green with White chunks of Feta is what Beauty Feels like ! A totally different pizza, must try if you really want to try something new. (8/10)

Couch Potato :

This one was the Sweet one and had some really extraordinary toppings including Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary- which was a soft form of partially sweet potatoes, Onions- fine sauté, Emmental Cheese, Balsamic Reduction- its the dark brown maze over the pizza which gave it a surprisingly good taste and last one was Fennel- सौंफ was the mystery mint over it !

otherAppsImage copy 2
Love me Like you Dough !❤️
As I said each and every Pizza was Unbeatable, this one was really up to the mark. If you want a less spicy pizza then go for this one !(8/10)

Trio of Mushrooms :

The one thing that makes Vegetarian Pizzas so tasty is is the Mushrooms added to them and thus this pizza was three times yummy as it was drizzled with the regular Button Mushrooms along  with Shitake & Black Fungus Mushrooms which you will rarely find anywhere. These mushrooms were tossed in butter and thus had a very rich flavour separately. Ricotta & Mozzarella were shredded over the sauce in appropriate amounts.

Processed with MOLDIV
One Love, Various Toppings !
I personally recommend this one to the ones who are Mad over Mushrooms like me. One of the greatest pizzas ever !(10/10)

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Small, Large, Circle, Square, Thin Crust, Stuffed Crust & Extra Toppings.

Here is the cheese platter that we got for tasting, each and every component in it was yummy and fresh !

Processed with MOLDIV
Emmental, Gouda, Parmesan and other Toppings !
Lip Smacking ingredients !

•Timings : 11am to 3pm and 5pm to 11pm

•Tuesdays Closed !

Only The Aroma of a Baking Pizza can Lead to Such Happy Faces !

Overall I had a Pizza-full time with the Indore Bloggers Association in this bloggers meet organised by Mr. Rakesh Dawani from Indori Zayka on their new beginning from the 100k milestone on Instagram !

You can book your tables on Zomato to have an un-pizza-able time with your best ones :

The GroundBaking Co. Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Here are some other lovely pizza clicks from the evening :

So this was my review on the new comers of The GroundBaking Co. menu. I hope you find it helpful !

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