The One With “The Nature’s Gift !”

Potential Solution for Food Insecurity : Malaysian Palm Oil

Ever wondered how a simple commodity has been playing such a significant role in our lives ? So after a lot of contradictory debates about the usefulness of #PalmOil, a simple conclusion has been sprouted out of every argument on The Malaysian Oil Palm : Palm oil is Nature’s Gift to Malaysia, and Malaysia to the World !

Source : MPOC

What is Palm Oil ?

Palm Oil is Orange-reddish in colour and is majorly extracted from Palm fruit found in an African Oil Palm Tree. Geographically Palm Oil is grown at the countries near the Equator, and therefore the Largest Producers of palm oil are Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand.

MPOC – Malaysian Palm Oil Council is basically an organisation which promotes the use of Malaysian Palm Oil. One of their main objective is to grow awareness about the graciousness of Palm Oil and how it is beneficial for all the sectors (Environmental, Economical, Technological etc.).

World’s most prominent consumable Oil – The Oil Palm : 

Look around you, pick up any five food items, go through their ingredients and you’ll be surprised to find out that at least three of them have Palm Oil in direct or indirect form. Now, since you know how Palm Oil has been dominating our daily consumption here are a few essential uses listed below :

  • Baking – Muffins, pastry and cake dough gets well moisturised and you get better fluffiness if you use Palm Oil in baking.
  • Frying – Palm Oil’s fat contents are mostly saturated and monounsaturated and thus it make it a great choice for semi and deep frying vegetarian & non-vegetarian food.
  • Seasoning : Grilled veggies and healthy salad can go commendably with Palm Oil as dressing on top.

Apart from being used in most of the perishable (Bread, Cake, Chocolate etc.) and non-perishable (Shampoo, Cosmetics etc.) consumer goods, Palm Oil holds its dominance in the production of Biofuel as well. Singapore nests the world’s largest Biodiesel Plant with a production capacity of around 8 Million Tonnes yearly !

Food Security & Malaysian Palm Oil :

Malaysia holds its contribution in production of about 40% of World’s Palm Oil facilitating the demand of 7.5 Billion hungry mouths. Being a leader among other kinds of oil sources, the Oil Palm have primarily made sure to satisfy the hunger of its consumers efficiently, sustainably and in an environment friendly manner. Also, Palm oil have been proven to yield very large amount of fruit bunches per tree, per hectare (About 10 Tonnes) thus it engages less area for production as well.

Source : MPOC

Because to achieving a competitive success, there have been more of the false marketing practices taken to overcome the adverse affects of its demand overall in the globe. But is Palm Oil really worth all the hustle ?? Only time will tell !

Why Palm Oil ?

Since past 5,000 years, Palm Oil has dissolved in man’s day-to-day lifestyle and people are actually convinced with its benefits and nutritional values. In Mediterranean diet, Palm oil has significantly helped in weight loss and has provided all vital Nutrients and Vitamins to people due to the following reasons : 

  • 50-50 contribution of Fats (Saturated and Unsaturated).
  • Rich source of Carotenoids, Vitamin E & Pro-Vitamin A.
  • Palm Oil increases Immunity.
  • Easily Digested, Absorbed and Utilised as an Energy Source.
  • Improves Mental Health.
  • Better Eye-sight due to the presence of antioxidants.
  • Refines Cardiovascular Health
  • Good for Hair and improves Skin texture
Source : MPOC

Land Security & Palm Oil :

With land scarcity, Palm Oil have an upper hand in efficient and sustainable land use techniques capable of producing 10 times the yield as compared to other kinds of marketable oils, thus such projected quintal of Palm Oil can be useful in obtaining more Food, Cosmetics and other Perishable & Consumable Goods and Biomass to yield more Biofuel from it !

Source : MPOC

Deep in their roots, all fruits keep the light !

Conclusion :

Palm oil has indefinite benefits in terms of Nutrition, Land and Food Sustainability and also in revenue generation practices. But is Palm’s Success its Greatest Enemy ? Basic theories of Microeconomics has the reply, if a commodity has a greater benefits in terms of nutrition and health, its demand increases with its success, and therefore the competition will have a positive effect on its demand. The reason behind is, in order to achieve a competitive success, there has been more of the false marketing practices taken, to overcome the adverse effects of its demand overall in the globe.

In conclusion, it comes clear that the use of Palm Oil is an ideal approach towards a sustainable and a reliable future for all Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Sector in industry as well as in cooking, cosmetics and personal use in household.

Also, since Positive changes are Natural Changes, The Malaysian Palm Oil is closest to the nature you can ever go without loosing it !

“But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

– Rocky Balboa

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  1. Sweetannu says:

    Our grandmothers used palm oil without battling an eyelid. I think we need to revert and consider to adopt this versatile oil whole heartedly


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