The One With “The Indori Hunger !”

Not-So-Indori Dinner @ Indore Accent, Vijay Nagar !

Ever happened that surprisingly your Dad asked “Lets go out for Dinner tonight !” and now its your job to look for a decent Family type Diner serving some of the extremely Delish and Exquisite Preparations, but also comes under the set budget by your Dad !

Walking into an aesthetic property, roaming around the elegant corridors with lavish, but quite spacious banquets, Ayojan Food Caterers (AFC) gives you all the reception/get-together feels you need, then suddenly you find out this desi restaurant, with bomb ambiance and a little bit of minimalism, a typical family kinda diner.

So food at Indore Accent, while looking at the menu, it literally came with an #Indori Accent in it. Serving medium sized jars of City’s Signature Sev at every table as welcome munching proves it !

Some of the true recommendations from Indore Accent are well not at all #Indori :


As the name suggests, creamy but different as it actually had tiny chunks of Broccoli Buds, although some more no. of these buds would have been great.


What a galouti kebab speaks for itself is to make it as soft as you can, and so it was, plus it had a bulk of loveable flavours in it. A commendable serve at Indore Accent.


One word, Outstanding ! This one of its kind paneer tikka was truly, perfectly and completely covered with cheese which was somehow baked and damn that flavour that it gave straight away passed through one’s heart !


Regular plain dosa covered with or say, literally drooling with melted cheese over its walls. The best part of it were the Chutneys but certainly the sambar was quite a bummer !


Ohh these Naan-made pockets were filled with the best butter paneer masala ever, hope they serve the same in the main-course, which is definitely in the trials list for my next visit to this place.


This stunning appearance of a dessert doesn’t comes with much of a stunning taste. Toast which was much of a hardened sweet bread, some might like some might not !

Overall Indore Accent is truly a Family Kinda Diner, which will actually treat fine on your Dad’s pockets and help you have a memorable family time in weekends. 

You can also book your tables for Indore Accent on Zomato from:

Indore Accent - By AFC Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was all for a wonderful Dinner at Indore Accent !

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