The One With “The Sunday Sun-Downer !”

Drive-in + Sun-Downer experience @ Fork It Cafe, Indore.

Ever had a sudden craving for delicious & indulging meals but feel too lazy to get ready to go to a fancy Cafe/Restaurant, so why not have it in your car only ?
And, what if your ride to that Cafe/Restaurant also be a long drive with your best ones??

Fork It Cafe & drive-in is just a place you are looking for. At the outskirts of the City, near ByPass (inside a Petrol Pump) is this amazing chick place you would love to go again and again. So here’s everything you need to know about a few of the unique serves found at Fork It Cafe.

So you get not One, not Two but Five different menu as shown, which is lesser the trouble of deciding what to eat or sip. Talking about Beverages first :

Nutella Freak Shake :

Truly a heavy treat to your eyes, mind and soul (2 of which are Infinity stones bdw). This Statue of Liberty kinda looking thick shake is totally enough for your trio, so don’t forget to ask for two extra spoons while ordering.

Long Lasting Thick Shake !

Rest of the drinks were not much appealing, thus can be improved in terms of taste, but absolutely no complains in terms of looks :

Coming off to “Fries/Natchos” Menu :

Mac N’ Cheese Fries :

Almost everyone have had Cheesy Fries these days, but this preparation have a simple twist that it literally contains Mac n’ Cheese Within . These mouth-filling stomach-pushing kinda fries have literally gone too far in terms of unique & yummy serves. Plus that Tandoori Dip goes perfectly with the cheesy flavours of these fried-sticks aka. Fries !


Lets now skip it to something absolutely new in the market which literally #Blows !!

Burger Bombs :

How about literally flooding your mouth with a Tsunami of Cheese & flavourful Veggie-Poppers in the form of a Burger. Wish could have posted a video explaining how this preparation literally #Blows itself as soon as you take one byte. However here is a before & after transformation of these decent looking temptations :
Quick Question : How many of these can you eat at once ?

Dal-Khichdi Arancini :

As the name suggests, these Arancinis are really fun to eat, or as a layman would say “Khichdi Balls”. Served with two kinds of dips (One on side another at the bottom), this preparation is really heavy and space consuming but a true khichdi fan would love to eat all of these Laddus in one go !

Makhroni And Cheese Pasta :

You must have had all kinds of authentic pastas, but this one is definitely one of its kind and the most authentic of its Name it has given. Half n’ Half Pastas are really “in” these days, but this Makhani flavour will definitely make you ask : “Am I realy eating a Pasta ?”

Choco-Vanilla Rasgulla :

This “Roshogulla” dessert is made from out-sourced Rasgullas swimming in partially melted vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup.

Since this place is kind of a “Drive-in” Cafe, they have some really unique packaging boxes as shown bellow for the pizza slices from “Pizza” Menu.

Overall, Fork It Cafe is a #Chick place, best for Sun-Downer Dates or Semi-long drives with your best ones. A place at the outskirts of the city serving some crazy good food at really worthy prices.

You can also book your tables for Fork It Cafeon Zomato from:

Fork It Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was all for a wonderful Sun-Downer meal at Fork It Cafe & hope now you know the address of your next Drive-in Cafe !

For any suggestions/Queries :

Please do follow more such preparations on Facebook & Instagram – @thehungryindori

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