The One With “Your Place of Happy Meals !”

Wonderful Weekending @ Oiya Indore.

Ever wished to have a complete meal with your best ones at a place which you can proudly call “Your Place of Happiness !” or your #AllTimeAdda. Well, at New Palasia, Indore there is just a place for your group to hangout and share the best Quick Serve Meals and have some most fun memories.

Oiya Indore has a perfect tagline to define a place you had the best of your weekdays and laziest weekend afternoons at. With a super engaging ambiance and highly cooperative staff at the ordering counters, this place is one of the most Chill-Pill Outlets in the city.

In terms of food Oiya is a QSR with well designed menu to perfectly and quickly decide your meals you want to have unlike at McD & Dominos where deciding what to eat is the biggest challenge people sometimes face.

You can create your meal including crazy good Craft Burgers and drinks along with fries or nuggets for sliders. Here are a few Recommendations to try on your next visit to Oiya.

Food :

Signature Fish Finger :

Whats Fishy other than an actual Fish burger ?
Certainly a Signature Craft burger in their menu fulfilling your mouth with extremely appealing flavours along with a crunchy twist. Also, you can upgrade your bun to a whole wheat bun without any extra charge, how cool ?

Peri Peri Chicken Wings :

What’s so unique about these wings was its outstanding tanginess going in so perfectly with the tender chicken, soft inside crispiest outside ! Highly recommended add-on to your meal.

Kullhad Maggi :

Just a regular Maggi served in a Kullhad, still its so wonderful to know such a unique way of serving these world famous noodles and making it look exceptionally good. In terms of taste, if you want to spice it up there is another variant available in their menu, but the regular one has its own wonder.

This was all about the food, but have a really huge menu including chicken pop-corns, chicken strips, tons of fries, cheesy pizza pockets and not to forget the lip smacking Chicken Chaat and Dreamy Nachos.

So much for the eatables, lets now talk about some special Drinks & Beverages that this place is so famous for.

Beverages :

Blue Icespice :

An outstanding beverage having minty blue flavours and some overpowering spiciness to tangle your taste buds into something absolutely refreshing.

Signature Choco Cookie Dough :

Another amazing beverage to have at Oiya, this baby had real crunch of cookie and chocochips with the goodness of a milkshake. Highly recommended if you are a milkshake lover, or just any lover because this will definitely increase your efficiency of doing love.

Classic Iced Coffee :

This item is a part of their secret menu (Yes they have a secret menu as well !) The name says it all, it is a classic iced coffee with some milk, but its definitely quite different from a regular coffee and you’ll know the difference when you will have it !

Swirls :

Popcorn Caramel Swirl :

Mouthfilling caramel and popcorn crunch can best define this serve of Oiya’s classic Swirl. Highly recommended and only dessert in their menu.

Choco Cookie Crunch :

Crunchy cookie crumbles and chocolate flavoured swirl ready to brainfreze your tastebuds with the love of some real chocolate.

Overall Oiya Indore have its own unique way of appealing its consumers, be it from greeting everyone at the entrance (“WELCOME TO OIYA”), to each and every element of your meal, this place is one of its kind and definitely gives you a wonderful experience overall !

You can also book your tables for Oiya Indore on Zomato from:

Oiya Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was all for a wonderful meal at Oiya Indore & hope now you know the address of your next #Adda to hangout with your best ones.

For any suggestions/Queries :

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