The One With “The Winter Chill-Pills !”

The Most Happening Rooftops @ 5/78 Skybar, BBC Indore.

Ever wished to celebrate your Sunday Chills at a Rooftop Cafe-bar where you can sip & bite some exceptional, but authentic Dishes having made from unique recipes curated in perfection by Celebrity Chefs Rakhee Vaswani & Mitesh Rangras, along with some lively music at top of the City’s one of the most iconic properties naming Brilliant Convention Centre (BCC Indore).

5/78 Skybar is just a place for you to have one of the most happening Winter Weekends of this season, chilling with your best ones along with some of the remarkable Sips & Dips to dig over. Here are some of the crazy good suppers at this Rooftop Cafe-bar :

Tempura Prawns Sushi :

Crispy tender prawns wrapped inside some well cooked rice served along with some Wasabi and a small bowl of very pungent Soy sauce, maintaining the top notch authenticity, and thus making it an absolutely stunning Sushi to start your evening with.

Mac-n-Cheese Fritters :

When life gives you Glitters, have some Fritters.

How about some cheesy Fritters coated with peri-peri and sriracha with some crumbed bread & sesame. Settled over the bread of diced spring onions served with classic tomato ketchup, these fritters were no less than glitters to your life !


Tangy Red Chilly Paneer :

Perfectly coated with honey chilli sauce, these paneer cubes were a memorable treat to the taste buds. Not just the presentation or flavour, but also those crispy sautéed spinach & sesame seeds were complementing the whole dish so well that this plate won’t even last for a minute on the table between your group.


Burrata Magla :

Ever had Burrata Cheese ? If not, this thin crust pizza will treat you like gods. Chilli oil completing the base and cheese so well that you need no seasonings of the top, apart from some roasted garlic, and guess what ? It have it. Also the fresh cherry tomatoes over this pizza was just Perfecto !


Pizza Indiana :

Minced Chicken resting over loads & loads of mozzarella accompanying some grilled onions then topped with some “Sookha Dhania“, really a cool topping to go over some Indian dish, and well this Thin Crust Pizza was just killing it !


Nachos Overloaded :

Overloaded Nachos with three classic accomplishments including Guacamole & Sour Cream cannot provide any more Overwhelming Satisfaction to your Taste Buds. Crispy in-house baked Nachos resting over the bed of boiled Veggies topped with soft beans and delicious Cheesy Sauce to Drool Over.

Khowsuey Noodle Meal :

Authenticity is the reason this place is this much loveable, and this Khowsuey was a next level preparation by the chef’s, it had a burst of Coconut-ty, Creamy and Contrasting flavours, certainly a Compliment to your taste buds !


Virgen Cosmopolitan :

This place has its drinks menu full of some outstanding sippers, but this one is particularly a Show Stopper. Cranberry based drink having a punch of Triple Sec & Lemony Zest !

Double Trouble Cheesecake :

Such a Mouthful Dessert to Conclude your appetite with, this layered cheesecake had dashing dry fruits on the top of an Intense Chocolatey Layer beneath which was the Signature New-York Style Baked Cheesecake !

Overall this place is an Allrounder, to make your Weekdays Memorable & Weekends Remarkable, not just because of the food, also because of the Classy ambiance and the Overwhelming service and not to forget their Outstanding Rooftop Experience on their crazy Dance Floor, to make your night just a Happening one !

You can also book your tables for 5/78 Skybar on Zomato from:

5/78 Skybar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

So this was all for an unforgettable dinner at 5/78 Skybar & hope now you know wehre to have your next Rooftop Weekend Bash with your best ones.

For any suggestions/Queries :

Please do follow more such preparations on Facebook & Instagram – @thehungryindori

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