The One With “A Simply Sweet Paradise”

A Sugar-Coated Lunch @ Ice-Cream Factory & Shahi Darbaar

Ever wanted to have those heavenly looking ice-creams, with loads and loads of toppings & chocolates presented in an irresistibly catchy manner, perfect for your Insta and Snap stories.

Well, Ice-Cream Factory & Shahi Darbaar is just a place for you to go for your your ice-cream hunt and come back with a tummy-full and the most satisfying Dessert experience of the day !

Now lets talk about what you can pick for the a luscious Ice-Cream fudge to start with :

Nutella Bubble Waffle :

An Irresistibly good-looking and a tasty solution to your waffle cravings, which was definitely a crispier one from outside but surprisingly had a softer crust, which cannot go any better with the choco-love in the form of ice-cream and above that, loads and loads of international love, called Nutella. This is one of those desserts which will make you choose between to click first or eat !

Blueberry Cheesecake :

You can have this “Cheesecake” in the form of Ice-Rolls as well as Stone Ice-Cream, either way if you have it, you will be temporarily sent to a place called “Heaven”, because thats exactly what it tastes like. The Blueberry Cheesecake is a standard dessert, and having it in the form of an Ice-Cream is another level of satisfaction anyone can seek through !

Spiced Guava :

Don’t worry if you are not a Guava person, because this will barely let you have any other thoughts than to have more and more of this tangy nostalgic drive-through of stone ice-cream, topped with dash of rock-salt and red chilly over it !

Spiced Lychee

Overall, this place is all about chilling around some cups of chilling ice-creams and having a chilling Desert-full conclusion to your meals. So just chill and have your way to Ice-Cream Factory & Shahi Darbaar, which happen to be a Paradise for Sweet Tooth and Ice-cream lovers of all kinds.

You can also book your tables for Ice-Cream Factory & Shahi Darbaar on Zomato from:

Ice Cream Factory & Shahi Durbaar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was all for Ice-creams at Ice-Cream Factory & Shahi Darbaar & hope now you know your next stop for late night Ice-cream fun with your best ones.

For any suggestions/Queries :

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