The One With “The Celebrity Lunch !”

Styled Food @ O2 Cafe De La Ville, Indore

Ever craved for those appealing and persuasive dishes we see on Food and Lifestyle Channels, but soon we realise that things do not come out of the TV ?

Well in O2 Cafe De La Villa, Indore such wishes are now going to come true as they just have gaven their menu a brand new makeover by none other than "The Style Chef", Shailendra Kekare himself !

Cafe De La Ville stands for "Cafe of the city" which is certainly true because the place is situated in the Heart of the city. It is a two storey cafe, with a fine dine-in lower and a French themed upper storey. Both the storeys had their own delightful feel !

The new menu has the most exclusive fusion of appetisers and main course. The deserts are unique too. In addition, all the dishes have an exotic tempt and savouriness as well !

Here is the slideshow of their brand new menu :

Starting with the Soup, some of the selected delicacies are as follows :

Corn Chowder Pav Wala :

Creamy and garlicky with chopped spinach, this soup was a kick start to the tasting session. Filling it up inside a round hollow bread made it an excellent serve and the smooth texture was an incredible factor of the dish. The combination of garlic, cream and cheese was quite heavy but worth a taste. Amongst the soups it is a must have. (9/10)


Dhaba Kadhai Chicken Pizza :

This one is NOT a round Pizza, but who cares, because "Pizza Is Love". Super thin crust sauced up with Indian style gravy and quite many pieces of soft and juicy chicken with lots of cheese is what made this thing so outstanding. Probably due to lot of cheese its spiciness eroded which was unexpected, still worth a try !(7/10)


Spinach Jalapeño Hummus :

Served in Exquisite manner, this preparation was a show-stopper look-wise. Jalapeño based hummus paste with chopped spinach topped with olive oil and black olives, this dish is to be eaten with baked garlic bread. Spiced up with red chilli, this dish had some extraordinary flavours. Recommended for those who wish to try something different !(8/10)

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Keema Pav :

It's really very hard to find good Keema Pav in the city, but now the hunt is over. Very finely chopped mutton leg pieces in a thick spicy base is what makes this dish so incredible. Garnished with a half fry, sunny side up, instead of adding eggs in between, this Keema Pav is highly recommended and a remarkable preparation !(9/10)


Pea Kulcha :

What this place serves is something different and this unique Indian prep served with a creamy touch was totally unexpected. Mashed pea stuffed in the kulcha along with various spices and then baked with a lot of butter is definitely a yummy desi serve. The kulcha was accompanied by a creamy sider and chopped salad. Must try if you wish to have something Indian.(8/10)


Sour Cherry Cheesecake :

Yummy Blueberry sauce sandwiched in baked cheesecake, garnished with cheese and chocolate. This desert is an outstanding preparation and recommended for all cheesecake lovers out there !(8/10)


Smoked Chocolate Mousse cake :

This desert is a divergent preparation as it actually had strict flavours of charcoal smoke. Chocolate based mousse having a succulent smokey flavour is definitely  a must try !

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Coconut & Litchi Crush :

Served in actual coconut with refreshing Litchi flavours in crushed ice could be the best description for this cooler. This rejuvenating drink will definitely make you have more than just one serve !

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Overall an excellent place in the city with great service, exotic taste and charismatic ambiance. Plus with the celebrity styled food, this place is quite inviting in the city !

Here is a slideshow of some cherished moments from the lunch :

Thanks to Mr. Vicky Soni for conducting this meet.

You can also book your tables on Zomato from:

O2 Cafe De La Ville Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was all for the lunch at O2 Cafe De La Ville, a must visit place for some exotic and fusion-full dishes in Indore. I hope you find it helpful !

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