The One With “The Desi Brunch !”

Brewing Pleasure at Mitti, INDORE !


Ever wanted to spend some Good-Carefree time with your best ones? Or need some casual place to reduce your work-load? Or want to conduct a conference/meeting at a really happening place ?

Mitti Cafe is the spot you are looking for !

मitti CAFÉ(22.724905,75.890364)

Located at Old Palasia, Mitti follows a concept of encouraging “Desi Food” in the Country and thus has a menu strictly based on Vegetarian Indian Cuisine with “Halka”, “Bhaari”, “Angrezi Mitti” etc. like categories as follows :

Their USP is that they use only Biodegradable Cutlery i.e Serving Plates made of Wood-class Eco-friendly & Compostable Disposable. Also they serve hot beverages (tea, coffee) in “Kulladh” (Terracotta Cups). Therefore, the name “मitti” suits well.

The ambiance is catchy, appraising  and very attractive. There are engaging frames on the walls with deep logics to drive you into some serious thinking. You can also easily do your projects and assignments in peace as there is a special “Working Portion” at the right side in the Cafe with easily accessible Charging Sockets for your laptops and they also provide Projector and screen which is really beneficial for professional meetings.

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Talking about food, they only use Organic Ingredients, avoiding the use of syrups and squashes in the drinks. The Cafe opens at 8 a.m onwards (till midnight) and Happy Hours = 8a.m – 11 a.m , so if you are a morning person, their Breakfast delicacies are highly recommended for you !


A variety of starters having some basic preparations in an extremely unique way !

Some Light Food !

Sprouts :

The sprouts were NOT just Sprouts, they were Tomato-Cucumber Salad along with Boiled Chickpea garnished with Coriander and Lemon. A good ratio of green and brown Moong Sprouts, healthy and yummy breakfast highly recommended for gym freaks !

Some Goooood Healthy Food !

Vada Pav :

Finally there is a place in the city serving such tasty and authentic Vada Pavs. They serve them with yummy green chutney and fried green chilli. There is also a red coloured powder which consist of roasted garlic, roasted coconut and sesame seeds along with red chilli powder. Vada Pav without this particular “Masala” never tasted this good !

Respected “Vada” Pav !


Coming to some tummy-full Delights, Pav-Bhaji & Chole-Kulche are always “Bhaari” over any other Starters !

Kulhad Pav-Bhaji :

Though Pav Bhaji is not a prominent Breakfast dish, but for heavy starters it goes with the Morning brews. The biodegradable approach lead in serving the “Bhaji” in kulhad (Terracotta) along with butter-fried “Pav”. The bhaji had such a thick texture and had all the balanced flavours such that #kuchgharjaisa goes perfect on the preparation !


Maska Maar Ke !

Chole Kulche :

Another preparation with “Kuch Ghar Jaisa” tag, Chole were also served in “Kulhad” with semi gravy Chatpata kind of taste, nothing different and the “Kulche” were also butter fried but really soft to eat. Overall a well prepared dish with all balanced spices and ingredients. Must try, if you love “Chhole Kulche” !

Keep it Desi !

BUN MASKA (Desi Burgers):-

Butter-fried bun stands for “Bun Maska”, but here they have modified them into unique Paneer Patty or Aloo Patty Burger which is really an interesting way for serving Burgers !

Tikki Maska :

A L-size Burger with deep fried Aloo Patty between Creamy sauces and a few lettuce leaves. There is Sautéed capsicum & a cheese slice also accompanying the cream, but the bun is very thick, otherwise it is a highly recommended preparation !


The Semi-Maharaja Burger !


How can we miss the Parathas when we are talking about Indian Breakfast, be it aloo, methi, cheese or even Indori sev, stuffed parathas never disappoint one in any way !

Sev Paratha :

Finally a preparation which can be given a tag of #eknumber. Indori Sev Paratha is a very common  breakfast in the city, no wonder mitti has them in its menu. It tasted extremely good with “Tadke wala Dahi” which had Black Mustard Seeds. Also served with mixed pickle, another wonderful combination !

Want Some ?


Now lets have some “NRI” type food with a Desi touch- Pastas, Nachos, Toast etc. might be foreign cultured dishes but Mitti modified them into their own “Desi” kind, as follows.

Mac n Cheese :

मitti goes International with Mac-n-Cheese, a baked preparation in yummy cheesy base melted from inside & baked from outside. With a perfect Italian taste some-what like Alfredo sauce but more cheese, is a highly recommended one since it had an Indian touch too !

Baked Love ❤️!

Pasta-White :

A typical white sauce pasta but more salty, this might be due to addition of cheese over it but the taste was still fine. It was a semi-gravy pasta with a thicker texture that it normally have.

Empowering Taste-buds !

Nachos- Cheese Marke :

Another “Anglo-Angrezi” concept of mitti of serving Nachos with Homemade Cheesy Sauce and Organic Salsa. A slightly different taste but worth a try for Natcho Lovers !

FullSizeRender 5
Lets Nacho !

Now, lets talk about some DRINKS served with मitti logo Bottles !


Lemon & Fruity Drinks come under this category, with some lather on top, these sweet and semi-sweet drinks are as follows.

Pineapple Drink – featuring Basil :

An over sweet preparation tastes just like sugarcane juice with slight pineapple touch along with overwhelming Basil flavour. A good thing to have if you need something refreshing in hot summers !

Go Green.

Spinach Drink – featuring Celery :

An extremely unique preparation with a prominent Spinach flavour but was surprisingly sweet in taste. This combination of Celery with Spinach is a must try.

Remembering Popoye the sailor !


A very good range of fruit shakes made with use of frozen fruits blended in milk and ice-creams. They also have Cold coffee and Almond Cashew Shake apart from the fruit preparations !

Drooling No?

Strawberry Shake :

A semi-thick shake, purely milk based made with blended Strawberries. It was not very sweet, still wasn’t a disappointment !

Desi Strawbery !

Almond Cashew Shake :

Again not so thick shake, but had a really good nutty flavour such that the richness of almonds and cashews could be tasted in every sip. Highly recommended for gym freaks due to its nutrition quotient !

Mighty whitey !

Desi Chocolate Shake :

The showstopper amongst all the shakes was made from two types of chocolate ice cream and was actually thick. The “Desi” tag perfectly suited the shake because it had a nice Indian chocolatey touch.

Dreamy !!

CHA – Kadak :-

After shakes, lets try some kulhad-ful magic. Serving tea in Kulhad is a common trend these days, but मitti serves a not so common taste in not so common Kulhads !

Masala Chai :

A purely milk made tea in which the sweetness was well maintained and also the taste of ginger and other tea essentials could be experienced very well. A must try for everyone who have tea in daily basis.

TEA-rrific !


The cakes they make are really good. Eggless and made of whole wheat, what else you want ?


Chocolate Mill Pie :

This choco-rich preparation was too good, textured more like brownie and garnished with grated almonds and nuts, very chocolatey. This is a recommended one !

Mouth-Watering !


The items under category varies time to time and can be found on the board at the billing counter !

On Board !

Chai Pie :

A special pie, not so sweet preparation, had a light flavour of tea. Garnished with almonds and pistachios along with chocolate !

Tea love.

Kulhad Rabdi :

When talking about typical Indian Cuisine, how can one forget Rabdi. Since everybody loves it, मitti added this to their menu under specials section. This lip smacking dessert is all you need to finish your meal with a good mood.

FullSizeRender 3
Ohh, It was awesome !

As it was one of the Ramadan days they also served this extra special preparation !

Seviyan Kheer :

A purely milk based dessert made with vermicelli, garnished with almonds and pistachios. It was very delicious and a recommended one all sweet tooth out there !

Eid Mubarak !

Overall it is an excellent place to spend an unforgettable time with friends and family. Must visit at least once if you love to have “desi” food for a change !

A special thanks to Miss. Priyanka Dharamsi for organising and hosting this Bloggers meet.

Here is a Slideshow of rest of the pictures of this awesome Breakfast experience :

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You can also book your tables on Zomato from:

Mitti - Brewing Ideas Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

So this was my review on मitti cafe. I hope you find it helpful !

For any suggestions/Queries :

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  1. Shreya Tomar says:

    This is the most exotic food blog I have come across . The presentation and the variety Mr. Shivam Anand captures is just remarkable . All the best and I look ahead for more .


    1. Thank you so much Shreya, ❤️✌🏻


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