The One With “The Weekend Eats !”

A Brand New “Dal Bafla” Experience For INDORE !

Ever had an anonymous craving for Indian food on a lazy afternoon but also want to spend a memorable & carefree time with your family ??

Well,  Vrindavan Vatika is the place you are NOT gonna regret in any case.
It is typical Rajasthani Restaurant serving Dal Bafla at its best. A chain of pure veg restaurants known for their quality of food now launching their Dal Bafla Buffet at Vijay Nagar in Indore. Here is my experience of their pre-opening treat of Dal Bafla :-

Welcome : The entrance is cool and the complete floor is covered with Lawn Grass so that you feel good and comfortable walking barefoot. The seating was so attractive that I couldn’t wait to settle down and have yummy Dal Bafla ! Suggestion : They can also welcome guests in a traditional manner in a typical Rajasthani Style !

The Essence of  Tradition !

Ambience : A partially open garden (Vatika) with walls full of huge traditional Krishna paintings as shown making a Solace and Calm environment. There are multiple Pedestal Fans with Scented Water Spray to beat the heat in this summer. The seating is of typical Rajasthani Style with Short-legged tables and comfortable leather cushion and two leather bolsters on each side.

Serving : The Dal Bafla is to be served on Royal Copper-Steel Thali which were heavy and of optimum quality. Such attractive serving was unique and increased my craving for Dal Bafla soon to be served !

And NOW The Most Awaited Part : DAL BAFLA :-

Its funny that people call it just “Dal Bafla” but the complete “Thali” includes,

  • Tuwar Dal
  • Gujarati Kadhi
  • Gatte Ki Sabzi (Besan Gatta Curry)
  • Bafla (Baked Wheat Balls)
  • Churma Laddu
  • Mint Chutney
  • Tomato Chutney
  • Salad
  • Keri Panna

A Four-Bowl Relish Server was used to serve Dal, Gujarati Kadhi, Gatte Ki Sabzi & Boiled Rice, and the Bafla and Laddu were served from a huge steel bowl.

Tuwar Dal (Split Pigeon Pulses) : A medium spicy creation with true Indian flavours. The taste was really good individually as well as along with the Bafla ! (8/10)

The best way to eat Dal Bafla is to mix dal and small Bafla pieces and eat using traditional way i.e. using your 10 lovely fingers ! 

Gujarati Kadhi : The white kadhi was less spicy and again a very tasty part of this “Thali”. I had almost two bowls. It was a water based dish with main ingredients as yoghurt, garlic paste and curry leaves. (9/10)

Besan Gutta Curry : A very spicy part of the meal, but had really unique taste from what we generally have. The base was filled with typical Rajasthani Spices and small Besan pieces were flavorous and soft. (8/10)

Bafla : A variant of “Baati” prepared from Wheat Balls with Salt and Yoghurt added to it. There are many ways to bake them, traditionally the wheat balls are directly kept over burning “Dung Cakes” or coal whereas another way is to bake them in oven. I was served oven-made, which was equally tasty and to enhance the flavours, uncountable spoons of “Ghee” was added over them. These golden balls are very heavy to have more than 3 counts. (7/10)

Green Chutney : The fresh chutney was accompanying the thali perfectly and was again a unique preparation, having a different taste from other places.(9/10)

Tomato Chutney : Here comes the tangy twist, generally this is not the part of the meal but suited the dal bafla very nicely. I personally enjoyed this part the most. (10/10)

Churma Laddu : Churma is a must add on to the dal bafla meal and the “Churma laddu” make it a better experience to have. The one that I was served were unique as they were a “Ghee” based preparation and the sweetness was balanced in them with a salty touch. It had many dry-fruits- mainly pistachio nuts and almonds for a crunchy touch. (8/10)

Keri Panna : If you din’t ask for at least four glasses of this very item, you will surely regret this until your next visit. The “Jaljira” touch to this Panna was the speciality and made it different from what we generally have regularly. I wish they maintain the consistency in this forever. This refreshing drink really made my day ! (9/10)

Drooling ! No?

I am sure now you can’t wait to have this amazing “Dal Bafla” meal, so take a break from your daily workout and make Saturday or Sunday your “Cheating Days” . After-all “Dal-Bafle Ka Sawal hai !“.

The timings are from 11:00 AM to 04:00 PM on SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS only. You can have this unlimited meal in just ₹ 200.

Book Your tables for this place on Zomato from :

Vrindavan Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

A Special thanks to Mr. Rakesh Dawani from Indori Zayka and Belly Ma’am from Indore Bloggers Association who Organised this “Dal Bafla Meet” at Vrindavan Vatika,

Here is a Slideshow of rest of the pictures In my phone of this Delicacy :

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So this was my review on the Dal Bafla Meal at Vrindavan Vatika, opening soon on 13th May, 2017 !

For any suggestions/Quaries :

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