The One With ” Sadda PUNJAB !!”

My Short visit to Punjab’s Malerkotla District.

Malerkotla is situated 45km from Ludhiana near Sangrur. My stay was with a typical Punjabi family at a residential area. Entering Punjab reminded me two of the most obvious delicacies of the state, i.e., “Aloo Paratha” & “Punjabi Lassi“.

Paratha : The thickness of this huge paratha made it difficult to eat more than just one. Served along with curd had that punjabi essence in every bite which I will never forget. Curd can be replaced with homemade “White Butter”.  You can experience the taste of a Punjabi aloo paratha at any of the famous Dhabhas in Punjab. “Punjab me aa k Aloo Da Paratha ni khaya to kya fayda !

Lassi : A typical Butter Lassi is the copyright of Punjab as its very hard to find such a thick and smooth Lassi anywhere else. With rooh-afza garnishing, this small Lassi was a delight and one thing I always miss about Punjab. “Punjab Di Lassi Da Koi Jawaab Nahi !

This was my Breakfast I had at  “Zimidaari Dhaba” on Ludhiana highway.

You can say that the “Pind” side of punjab consists mainly of three things, Gurudwaras, Fields & Brick kilns.

 Also the most unique thing you will find at almost every house in Punjab is the various shapes of water tanks. Some are shown below :

Processed with MOLDIV
Yes, They store water in them !

Later that day I went to the infamous temple of “Shri Naina Devi Ji“, which is situated on a hilltop in the Bilaspur District. There is a cable car facility too. Its not very hard to reach there and the temple from inside is pretty historical. The view from the top was really mesmerizing !

FullSizeRender 77
Unrealistic !

Later that day, I went to “Gurudwara Anandpur Sahib“, which is at Roapar District. A well known place to embrace the beautifull scenic views of Himalayas !

FullSizeRender 49
So Peacefull !

The next day I planned to explore the Street Food at Malerkotla, so I went near the “Delhi Gate” and there was a vendor selling the unique “Noodle Burger” and also “Malai Chaap“. These two dishes are not very easy to find in any other city.

Burger : The one and only Noodle Burger is a fusion of unique flavours. It was filled with Schezwan sauce, ketchup, aloo pattie, mayonnaise and finally rolled up Noodles. This Spicy treat is nowhere to be found except Punjab ! The making video of this awesome burger is on my Instagram Page ! (@thehungryindori). Price– ₹25/- Only !

Ohh Boy !

Malai Chaap : This Buttery-Creamy Not-So-Common Dish is Vegetarian and damn Tasty ! The Rich Creamy taste is what makes it the most wanted serving of the place. First the soya is marinated and cooked over red coal, then this “Tikka” of Chaap is tossed in a lot of cream and butter with various tangy spices which will drool your mouth with craving of this amazing creation ! Price– ₹130/- Only


So this was all on my Short Visit to Punjab. I hope you like it and if try these on your next visit to Punjab please do tell me about your experience at

Here is a slideshow of rest of my pictures I took during my Trip !

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