The One With “Another First !”

The ALL NEW menu at KYRO , Indore !

Ever happened, you do not have any reason to chill out but your wits are craving to have a pleasant time with your best ones??

No Worries, “KYRO” is the place where you will find your peace.

It is a Multi Cuisine Rooftop Restaurant & Bar which shimmers at night with attractive disco music to boost up your mood from top to bottom.

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Recently they RELOADED their menu with some of the Extraordinary dishes which will power UP your taste buds ! Some of them are listed below :-

Mocktails :

  • Cherry & Pineapple Fusion – This drink was a fusion of multiple fruits in a very sweet soda base garnished with sliced pineapple and a cherry on the top as shown. It defined the term “perfection” taste-wise !

    SEXY !! No?

Salads :

  • Hawaiian Boat-Salad – A preparation of Mayo & Cream with chicken pieces ,Bell-peppers (red, green & yellow) and pineapple pieces boarded on boat of Pineapple (thus called boat-salad). Garnished with fresh olive rings and cherries. (7/10)
Ahoy, Matey !
  • Sprout Salad – Moong sprout salad was an unexpected arrival at our table. The plate was beautifully decorated with striped cabbage & carrots with an inverted lemon. A bit over-spiced salad with tangy lemony taste.(4/10)
Well dressed though !

Veg Appetizer :

  • Paneer Fardos – An Exotic starter prepared by a very typical method which involves filling inside the paneer. The filling included mixed vegetables garnished with grated cheese and paneer and was coated with flour, then finally baked. It was served with a honey-chilli dip which suited the dish perfectly and made my taste buds happier ! (8/10)
THE CURVES ❤️  !!!
  • Bharwa Achari Mushroom – This was one of those creations which I think will never forget coz it was cooked in the most unique possible way there is. First the stem and gills of the mushroom were removed and the cup was then marinated and transformed into yummy mushroom tikka. Then the “achar” (Pickle) was sandwiched between two mushroom cups and served. The plate was accompanied by authentic green chutney which again was a perfect companion to the dish. I will recommend this to all those with love for mushroom. (9/10)
Sweet Dreams !

Non-Veg Appetizer :

  • Murg Chaanp – A well cooked marinated chicken served with amazing green chutney ! Not so unique prep, fine taste !(6/10)
Anyone ?
  • Roti Pe Boti – Another quick bite to fill up your mouth with an unforgettable taste of soft mutton. Small pieces of well cooked mutton over tiny rotis and an onion ring with Coriander for garnishing ! I will recommend this if you also like mutton as mush as I do ! (8/10)
Hungry yet ?
  • Chimichurri Fish –  An extremely recommended dish for fish lovers ! Chimichurri flavoured well cooked soft fish with a lovely companion of honey-chilli dip, mashed potatoes & sautéed vegetables. An appetizer which defines goodness ! (9/10)
Oh ! This was GoooooooD !

Soups :

  • Vegetable Cumee – A basic vegetarian hot-&-sour like soup with broccoli and bell-peppers in a thick base. Taste was not so unique. (5/10)
mmm, Soup !
  • Lang Fung – Now this was something EPIC ! A Chinese soup with chicken pieces in a thick base with floating egg white (boiled) which was something different. Overall a very good soup to have. (8/10)
ni hao.

Main Course (Veg.) :

  • Paneer Angaara – A tomato based gravy with not so different taste from any other paneer prep. (6/10)


  • Methi Palak Papad Ki Sabji – Another most unique preparation with fillings inside the rolled up “papad”. The gravy was very tasty up to the mark and worth a wait ! A healthy dish with better taste and highly recommended. (8/10)
Knock OUT !

 Main Course (Non-Veg.) :

  • Saag Ghosht –  A mutton dish with yummy & healthy green gravy. Well cooked soft mutton in “saag” like gravy with garnished ginger. Must try once ! (7/10)
*Exotic Feels*
  • Achari Machhi – The “Show Stopper” dish is finally here ! A sizzler based preperation with fried fish, cooked with mustard oil and lovely “Pickling” spices and tomato gravy. You will definitely regret if you don’t have it on your next visit here ! (10/10)

Desserts :

  • Baked Gulab Jamun –  The speciality of the yummy gulab jamun enhanced with the addition of “Rabdi” on it and garnished with pistachio nuts and grated cheese ! (8/10)
Sweeeeet !
  • Shahi Tukda – Sweetened, fried bread soaked into “Rabdi” and garnished with cherries and Silver Vark. (7/10)
Delightful !

Special thanks to Kapil from INDORE FOOD EXPLORER, who invited me to this amazing reloaded menu tasting session at KYRO.


Apart from the food, there was an amazing unplugged session too. The ambience is super cool plus the rooftop feel makes it a better experience . Service was a bit slow but overall I had an awesome time with all the bloggers !

Brix & Barrels @ KYRO

So this was my review on their brand new menu. I hope you find it helpful !

For suggestions :

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