Generally Ice-creams are a part of dessert, but I had an Ice-cream which was this unique combination of Pineapple, Cheese & Cherry.thumb_IMG_0669_1024_full.jpg

Ice Rolls are a type of live ice-cream making which is in trend now days. I had this unique kind of ice-cream flavour in Indore at an icontrast outlet which is a famous ice-cream parlour from Gujarat.

It is prepared on a freezing plate, first the chef poured some condensed milk on it and added pineapple syrup to it. He then mixed it properly with a sharp knife-like tool until it was partially frozen. Then he spread it over the freezing plate, waited until it was completely frozen and then he spread a lot of amul cheese on it using the same tool.After some time, finally he extracted frozen ice-cream spread from the plate in the form of four similar rolls, then place them into a large cup, garnished it with some whipped cream and cherries.

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